Jingisukan Yukidaruma Nakanobeya

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The gourmet meat loved by former top-ranking sumo wrestlers

A Genghis Khan restaurant using lamb from Iceland.

In my life as a sumo wrestler, from middle school, to high school, to university, to corporate life, to Grand Sumo tournaments, I ate delicious food all over the country. Among them “Yukidaruma” Genghis Khan was the best.

I loved it so much I kept going back for more, and eventually became an owner!

For everyone training hard the staff of the Yukidaruma Nakano are waiting for you.

Selling point

All our sheep are reared organically in Iceland, so you can rest assured our lamb is safe, but also: it doesn’t smell, is very soft, and truly delicious.

Even those who are not fans of Genghis Khan should give it one more chance here.

Store information


  • Zip code:164−0001
  • Address:3-33-20 Nakano, Nakano-ku, Tokyo
  • Building name:Gosaro building 2F
  • Telephone number:03−3380−8321
  • Fax number:03−3380−8321

Business hours

05:00 p.m. to 12:00 a.m.

Hours Remarks


Fixed holidays

Undecided holiday

Price,Atmosphere and Seating

Average price per person
4,000 yen
Table seating
Party 45 people

Payment options

Credit Card

  • ビザアイコン
  • マスターアイコン
  • JCBアイコン
  • UCアイコン
  • ニコスアイコン

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